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In The Press
We have been very fortunate to have received encouraging support from the print media. This has been vital in creating much needed awareness among potential clientele. And our sincere thanks go out to them. Check out what they say ...


That special occasion is near. And because it’s “that special occasion”, you must, of course, look fabulous.

The event could be a wedding … yours. Or, your best friend’s. It could be an engagement, a party, a special dinner this coming Valentine’s Day, an occasion where you need to make a statement.

The right clothes for the right occasion can be a hassle when you can’t find the right shop that stores exactly what you want. But chances are, if you walked into That Special Occasion, you could find what you were looking for. It’s because, That Special Occasion is a boutique which specialises in evening, cocktail and bridal wear. It’s their business to know what works best, when, where, why and on whom. And how best to show off the outfits.

Co-owner Anna Lee says : “The shop is built on a philosophy based on practicality and getting the best mileage out of every ringgit spent by the client. We focus our efforts on made-to-measure wear, and each gown is a one-off piece. In this way, some level of exclusivity is maintained for our customers.”

Kris Wong, the other half of the company which opened about three years ago, adds : “We enjoy sharing our ideas with our female clients who are always brimming with enthusiasm when it comes to designing their outfits.”

For now, That Special Occasion’s focus is on the all important ballgown which has become familiar in recent times. “The search for the ideal gown is therefore top priority for many,” says Lee.

Lee adds that “dressing up for that special occasion” is also now a big deal among the more urban school and college students, especially during proms, where the task of “looking like a million dollars” is not taken lightly.

To meet this demand, the boutique owners stock an assortment of fabrics as well as a range of swatch samples from which clients can make their selections. The two even go as far as providing ideas and suggestions in terms of hairstyle, shoes and accessories.

“It is always wise to plan ahead,” Lee advises, “afterall, the greater the effort put in, the better the outcome”.

Prices for the evening gowns start from RM 400, and a lead time of three weeks is preferred. However, last minute shoppers can also choose from a selection of ready-made outfits that are available off the rack.

Currently, the popular theme here seems to be shiny and glitzy glamour. One particularly daring ensemble takes on a fusion of Chinese and Indian influences. It is boldly presented in a silver Chinese brocade, choli-inspired top, matched with a bronze-coloured paper silk lengah skirt. Another outfit comes in the form of a raw silk, gold and black tie-back top, that is paired off with a glimmering, shimmering, gold organza A-line skirt.